What is the difference between flame resistant and flame retardant clothing?

Flame resistant clothing is designed to self-extinguish within a certain amount of seconds after being exposed to an open flame. Your flame retardent clothing will be considered flame retardant per manufactures proper care recommendations. Some brands indicated their product will be flame resistant up to a certain amount of washes.

On the other hand, flame retardant products made of 100% Flame Retardent material, such as Nomex, will remain flame retardant for the life of the garment. Unfortunately, the price of the garment is a good indicated, because products that are made of 100% flame retardant material are typically significantly more expensive and less breathable.

Our Products

This workwear section includes both regular everyday workwear and flame resistant clothing.

Most of our products are HRC 2/CAT 2 and 2112 compliant. However, we do offer certain products that are considered HRC 1/CAT 1, so please, review the products carefully before purchasing to ensure you are in compliance with your companies standards.

In addition, no matter the material makeup, we recommend you replace your flame-retardant garment with rips or are torn.

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