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Rebar DuraCanvas Vest

Rebar DuraCanvas Vest

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Yes, this Vest will make you look good. 

but you'll be smarter on a whole new level for buying this vest. 

This vest is loaded with hidden features, so Yes, you will look good on the outside, but you'll be smarted for purchasing and wearing this vest over any other vest. 

For starters, it is 2X More Durable. It will hold up far longer. 

It is made of Durastretch which doesn't restrict your movement. Let's face it your wearing a vest over a jacket because you need to move while you work. This vest paired with a hoodie will keep you warm and mobile. 

Stain Release Technology allows you to wash it when needed and put it back on feeling so fresh and so clean. Stain Free

The exterior canvas shell is made with Tough Max Technology which allows the shell to last longer, take more of beating, and is not super stiff. 

Let's face it you don't just work when it's bright and sunny outside. This vest is water repellent, made to help keep you dry while you work in the winter months. 

The wind is a killer. Anyone who's worked with the wind blowing knows that wind can make or break your day. This vest is also wind resistant which cuts the wind and helps keep you warmer. 

3X, Triple Needle Stitching.

Look, you can go to Walmart and buy some cheap vest but I don't want to see you waste your money. When that cheap vest starts falling apart you're going to have to replace it, again.

Why go through that? Skip all that and get this Super Durable Vest from Ariat instead. This vest is constructed with triple-needle stitching, which means they stitched it 3X to make sure it holds up and lasts you longer. 

This New DuraCanvas will change how you work. 

Feature Summary:

  1. 9 oz Weight
  2. 2X More Durable
  3. Tough Max Flexible Canvas 
  4. Stain Release
  5. Water-Resistant
  6. Wind Resistant
  7. 3X Triple Needle Stitching






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